Garnet is a natural mineral known for its hardness, durability and abrasive characteristics. It is a cost-effective and safe alternative to silica sand, mineral slag, steel grit and steel shot, because its grain size, density, hardness, and durability creates excellent abrasive efficiency, which equates to low abrasive consumption at high production rates. Garnet can be recycled several times, depending on the application, due to its superior hardness. Becens could supply high quality alluvial garnet (sea garnet and river garnet) and rock garnet.

Garnet Abrasives in surface preparation before artifact spraying/plating using garnet abrasive blasting to achieve the highest blast cleaning grades, the service life of the coating/plating can be greatly extended. At the same time, garnet is safe, non-toxic, harmless, has almost no dust, will not damage the environment, and is harmless to the health of workers.

Garnets produced by Besens are of high quality, high hardness and good toughness. Having mastered the advanced beneficiation and processing technology of garnet, the garnet produced has high purity, good grain and almost no other substances.

High-quality iron-aluminum garnet ore is selected, with high hardness, high density, good toughness, sharp edges and corners, and clear edges and corners. It is a high quality, natural non-metallic blasting abrasive.

It can go deep into holes and uneven parts for cleaning, and thoroughly remove scale, rust, soluble salt and other dirt. The sandblasted surface has no inserts, no bad bumps and pits, and it is easy to obtain a high sandblasting grade of Sa3, with a surface roughness of 30-80 microns, stronger coating adhesion, and longer coating life.


Stable hardness and high toughness: used for sandblasting, rust removal, and water jet cutting.

Large specific gravity: used as heavy medium, oil drilling mud weighting agent, and water filtering material.

Chemical stability and toughness: used as a filler in rubber and paint coatings.

Weather resistance and chemical composition: used in the construction of airport runways, wear-resistant floors, and highway anti-skid pavements.


Garnet blasting to achieve the highest blast cleaning grades in the surface preparation of workpieces before spraying/plating, which can greatly extend the life of the coating/plating. At the same time, garnet is safe, non-toxic and harmless, with almost no dust, no damage to the environment, and no harm to workers'''' health.


Garnets produced by Besens are of high quality, hardness and toughness. Having mastered advanced garnet beneficiation and processing technology, the garnet produced is of high purity, good particle size and almost no other substances.

Standard sizes: 

8/12mesh, 12/20mesh, 20/40mesh, 30/60mesh, 60mesh, 80mesh, 120mesh, 150mesh