Brown Alumina Oxide

Brown Fused Alumina Oxide 

Brown Fused Alumina Oxide also called Brown Fused Alumina, Brown Alumina Oxide or Corundum (BFA) is produced by the fusion of high-quality bauxite in an electric arc furnace at high temperatures. Our Brown Fused Alumina Oxide has high compression strength, high toughness, excellent self-sharpening, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and excellent hydrophilia and cleanliness. Brown Alumina Oxide is a clean, high-strength material that resists oxidation and corrosion, maintains chemical stability, and withstands extraordinarily high temperatures.

Becens’s brown fused alumina oxide is made into many Grade, shapes and grit sizes for difference application.

Beside of coarse and micro powder Brown Fused Alumina Oxide, it also have deep-processing BFA as follows: 

Calcined Brown Fused Alumina Oxide-1050℃

The functions of medium temperature calcined:

1) SiO2 has a lower expansion coefficient than Al2O3, it can make SiO2 inflate at the medium temperature calcined, and then reduce the cracks in the production of Brown Fused Alumina Oxide ceramic grinding wheel.

2) Under the high temperature, the impurities will be separated out or vaporized, and then improve purity.

3) After calcined, the micro-cracks which brought in the breaking process can eliminate, thus greatly improving Brown Fused Alumina Oxide grits toughness, strength and enhancing the wear resistance of the abrasives.

Main applications: high quality vitrified grinding wheel

Blue Fired Brown Fused Alumina Oxide-1350℃

Besides the advantages of medium temperature calcined, it can make low titanium into high titanim, thus change the sand color to blue,  improve BFA grits toughness, the content of TiO2 is between 2.2 -- 2.4.
Main usages: 

FEPA-P: high quality coated abrasive, such as sand paper, abrasive belt and so on. 

FEPA-F: heavy loaded grinding wheels.

Ceramic Coated Brown Fused Alumina Oxide 

The functions of ceramic coated: 

The coating can increase the hydrophilicity of grains and make them bond firmly with adhesives.

Ceramic Coated Calcined Brown Fused Alumina Oxide

Ceramic Coated Blue Fired Brown Fused Alumina Oxide

It have both advantage of ceramic coated and calcined.

Main used for high quality cutting discs.

Brown Fused Alumina Oxide is used for many app:

Brown Fused Alumina Oxide-Bonded and Coated Abrasives

Brown Fused Alumina Oxide and deep process BFA widely used for vitrified or resin grinding wheel, cutting wheel, depressed center wheels,tracking grinding wheels, abrasive belt, cloth, fiber, paper...

Brown Fused Alumina Oxide-Sandblasting, Polishing and Lapping

Blasting of glass, granite, marble, and ceramic, cleaning metal or metal finishing; de-burring; surface preparation prior to painting or bonding; rust or scale removal...

Brown Fused Alumina Oxide-Refractories

Refractory bricks, tiles, and filter plates; ramming and gunning mixes; castables; dense, high temperature refractory...

Brown Fused Alumina Oxide-HFST

Brown Fused Alumina Oxide is extremely hard, abrasion resistant and chemically inert, suitable for use in high friction surface treatments(HFST). 

roadways; bridges; high volume intersections; select segments of interstate alignments; interchange ramps...

Standard sizes:

F12 to F220; 

P12 to P220;

#240 to #4000

0-1mm,1-3mm, 3-5mm, -100mesh, -200mesh, -325mesh