White Alumina Oxide

White Fused Alumina Oxide

White Fused Alumina Oxide also named as White Fused Alumina, White Alumina Oxide and WFA.  White Fused Alumina Oxide is fused from high-purity alumina powder in an electric arc furnace at very high temperatures. White Fused Alumina Oxide has brilliant white color, extraordinary hardness, and sharp edges; White Alumina Oxide is highly resistant to corrosion; and its chemical stability, high bulk density and low porosity give it extraordinary volume stability and thermal shock resistance. White Fused Alumina can be produced in a wide array of sizes, from large grains to micro-powders, and White Fused Alumina is ideal for a wide range of abrasive and refractory applications.

White alumina oxide is made from industrial alumina powder, arc smelted at a high temperature of more than 2000 degrees, and then cooled. After crushing and forming, magnetic separation and iron removal, and screening into various sizes. It is suitable for the manufacture, grinding, polishing, sandblasting, precision casting (corundum for precision casting) of ceramic and resin-bonded abrasive tools, and can also be used to manufacture advanced refractory materials.

White alumina oxide abrasive is suitable for surface beautification of various high-end products, crafts or hardware. After sandblasting, the surface is white without any impurities, eliminating the trouble of cleaning.

Fine white corundum can be used as the head of polishing and grinding. It can also be used as various product additives. Solid and coated abrasives, wet or dry or blasted.

It is suitable for ultra-fine grinding and polishing of crystal and electronic industries, as well as making advanced refractory materials. It is suitable for processing hardened steel, alloy steel, high-speed steel, high-carbon steel and other materials with hard hardness and high tensile strength. It can also be used as catalyst, insulator and precision casting sand.


Product advantages
1. Does not affect the color of the workpiece;
2. It can be used for sandblasting in the process where iron powder residue is strictly prohibited;
3. Micro powder grade is very suitable for wet sandblasting and polishing operations;
4. Fast processing speed and high quality;
5. The amount of iron oxide contained is extremely low, and it is suitable for sandblasting operations where iron residues are strictly prohibited;


Standard sizes:

F12 to F220; 

P12 to P220; 

#240 to #4000; 

0-1mm, 1-3mm, 3-5mm, -100mesh, -200mesh, -325mesh