Steel Grit & Steel Shot

Steel Grit 

Steel Grit is produced by crushing heat-treated steel shot into angular shapes. The performance of Steel Grit depends on its hardness, which can be modified by heat treatment and is reflected in different grades offered. Steel Grit is commonly used for cleaning surfaces prior to coating.

Steel Shot is exceptionally durable due to its low friability. The process of blasting actually further tempers and increases the shot’s hardness over time, allowing it to deliver consistent, repeatable performance over thousands of cycles. Steel Shot is used for heavy scouring and to produce very bright finishes.

Steel grit is used for shot blasting machine, shot blasting equipment, shot blasting cleaning machine, shot blasting machine, shot blasting, shot blasting machine, shot blasting equipment, sand blasting machine, sand blasting equipment, and abrasive in steel structure pretreatment production line. It is durable and sure to be the best abrasive for your surface cleaning.


1. As metallurgical deoxidizer and high temperature resistant material.

2. It can also be used for polishing and grinding of hardware, glass, precious stones, jade, etc.

3. As an abrasive, it can be used to make abrasives, such as grinding wheels, oil stones, grinding heads, sand tiles, etc.

4. High-purity single crystal can be used to manufacture semiconductors and silicon carbide fibers.


Industrial Applicability: aviation industry, automotive industry, sandblasting, painter, consumer goods manufacturing, container manufacturing/repair, foundry, granite/stone cutting and shipbuilding and ship repair, middlemen, oil and gas pipelines, plant maintenance and metal processing.

Process applications: surface pretreatment before spraying; sand cleaning for castings; pipeline descaling, etc.

Standard sizes:
Steel Grit: G10, G12, G14, G16, G18, G25, G40, G50, G80, G120
Steel Shot: S70, S110, S130, S170, S230, S280, S330, S390, S460, S550, S660, S780, S930