Glass Beads

Glass Beads

Glass Beads are a spherical abrasive manufactured from chemically inert, lead-free, soda-lime glass with no free silica. Glass Beads can be used on all metals regardless of hardness, leave no contaminants or residues on surfaces, smoothly blend away surface defects, improve corrosion resistance, and decrease fatigue by stress relieving machined and forged parts. Glass Beads produce clean, bright satin finishes, without dimensional change to parts, that are smoother than those produced by angular abrasives.

Becens could supply Glass Beads for blasting, road marking, and also could supply high-grade reflective glass beads. 

As a unique abrasive, glass beads are widely used in cleaning or metal surface strengthening processes, mainly in sandblasting equipment. The surface of the workpiece with residual tension or under periodic pressure is treated to generate a compressive stress layer to achieve the purpose of surface strengthening. Strengthening the workpiece surface with glass beads reduces potential hazards such as surface corrosion or surface fatigue.


The excellent properties of glass beads make them ideal for cleaning or deburring workpieces with strict tolerances without damaging the workpiece surface. Additionally, the inherent strength of glass beads makes them suitable for use in devices that recycle abrasives.


Applicable industry scope

Aviation industry; automotive industry; sandblasting and painting companies; foundry industry; semiconductor industry.

Applicable process range

Cleaning of IC block brackets; decorative parts; surface treatment before electroplating or electrolytic spraying; cleaning or deburring of non-ferrous metal parts.

Standard sizes: 

#3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13
45-90um, 53-125um, 90-150um, 106-212um, 125-250um, 180-300um, 211-300um, 212-425um, 425-600um