Ceramic Beads

Ceramic Beads

Ceramic Beads are a spherical blasting and peening media produced by electrofusion at a temperature of 2000°C. Ceramic beads are extremely tough and fracture-resistant, which ensures consistent peening intensities and surface finishes. Ceramic Beads are available in two grades, one for impact surface treatment and the other for shot peening applications. A variety of sizes are available for finishing, peening, deburring, cleaning and descaling ferrous and non-ferrous parts. 

Standard sizes:

B20(0.600-0.850mm),  B30(0.425-0.600mm),

B40(0.250-0.425mm),  B60(0.125-0.250mm),

B80(0.100-0.200mm),  B120(0.063-0.125mm),

B170(0.040-0.110mm),  B205(0.000-0.063mm)